About Us

The foundation of the enterprise we are proud to manage today, lays in generations of horse breeding.


In 1990, Jörn Kusel finished his apprenticeship as a fully qualified groom - with focus on riding - at the stables of Hans-Joachim and Helga Köhler in Verden. Before moving to the International Training Facility for Sport Horses at Castle Heiligenstedten, Jörn was able to gain first job experience as a groom and as the head of the covering station in Verden.

After that, Jörn was employed at the stable of Dr. H.-J. Werner in Garlstorf and at the Association of Hannoverian Warmblood Breeders e.V.in Verden.

In 1999, Jörn founded the Ausbildungsstall Kusel in Visselhövede on the outskirts of the Lüneburger Heide.

The main focus of our business lies in training and preparation of young, talented sport horses.


Our spacious compound has a sufficient amount of boxes for horses and spans four stables as well as approx. 20 hectares of fields.

Your partner is Jörn Kusel, his phone no. is +49 (0) 172 3577 247

Alternatively, you can send us an email, which we will answer as soon as possible.